Jun 26, 2010

Wireless Network Glossary-Part3

A program that translates URLs to IP addresses by accessing a database maintained on a
collection of Internet servers.

Domain Name
The unique name that identifies an Internet site. Domain Names always have 2 or more
parts, separated by dots. In www.airlive.com, the "airlive.com" is the doman name.

DoS Attack
Denial of Service. A type of network attack that floods the network with useless traffic.
Many DoS attacks, such as the Ping of Death and Teardrop attacks, exploit limitations in
the TCP/IP protocols.

Encoding data to prevent it from being read by unauthorized people. The common
wireless encryption schemes are WEP, WPA, and WPA2.

The identification name of an 802.11 wireless network. Since wireless network has no
physical boundary liked wired Ethernet network, wireless LAN needs an identifier to
distinguish one network from the other. Wireless clients must know the SSID in order to
associate with a WLAN network. Hide SSID feature disable SSID broadcast,
so users must know the correct SSID in order to join a wireless network.

A system that secures a network and prevents access by unauthorized users. Firewalls can
be software, router, or gateway. Firewalls can prevent unrestricted access into a network,
as well as restricting data from flowing out of a network.

The program that runs inside embedded device such as router or AP. Many network
devices are firmware upgradeable through web interface or utility program.

File Transfer Protocol. A standard protocol for sending files between computers over a
TCP/IP network and the Internet.


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