Jun 9, 2010

IMDb Pirated Version script lets you download Free Movies

IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database which is a most popular on web covering movies around the world of all languages. We often visit it to get information about cast and crew, story-preview and user reviews. But developers have now added another feature on the site to download that movie right from IMDb thanks to GreaseMonkey User Script.
IMDb Pirated
An year ago, there was a similar script called Pirates of Amazon which allowed user to shop online for free. You just have to search for the movie you like on IMDb, you will get all information about its release, etc and when using IMDb pirated script, It is possible to get download links for the same. IMDB Pirated version integrates links to download movie from Torrents and other File Sharing sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Megashare, DepositFiles, etc on the same page.
Along with Movie downloads, it also offers to download in VCD Quality and downloadMovie Trailers and Subtitles for international languages. It includes all popular Public Torrent trackers like Mininova, Torrentz.org, h33t, ThePirateBay.org and along with it also offers Watch Movies Online links too.
IMDb pirated version is a userscript which requires GreaseMonkey addon to be installed on Firefox browser.
Disclaimer: This article is only to show you How Hackers exploited the userscripts. It should be taken for educational and testing purpose only and not for any kind of misuse.


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