Apr 12, 2010

Stop or Kill Multiple processes with a single Click in Windows

One of the most important thing is computer management is managing its processes. Apart from services mandatory to run windows, there are other process that keeps running at background consuming a significant amount of CPU power and RAM. By default windows provides task manager to control it’s processes but a better and efficient way to do it is using KillProcess.

KillProcess is a free utility what can help you to control processes running on your system. Here you can select lists of clean processes for your operating system. Theseprocesses are generally needed for proper system run. You can select multiple processesat once and stop them which is not possible otherwise. It also claims that it can kill almost any process faster than windows task manager can do.
The application has few limitation on stopping processes debugged by Microsoft Developer Studio or other such application when they are through code execution and processesunder wowexec.exe cannot be terminated directly.
One thing that you should be careful of is understanding the process you are closing, in my case I ended up restarting my system several times.


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