Apr 20, 2010

Speed up File copying with Nice Copier, Free Teracopy Alternative

Most of us may be familiar with Teracopy, an utility that replaces default Windows file copy mechanism. It provides additional features like pause copy, enhance copy speed etc. However Teracopy is not a free application and if you are in desperate need of such a freeware application Nice Copier can  be handy.

Nice copier is a free application that will replace windows file copy mechanism in a simple manner . It is extremely easy to use with no additional settings and simple user interface.
Once the application is installed an icon will appear in the system tray. You have to right click on the icon and install shell extension. Once it installed, it takes over windows copyand while copying a file it can be found by clicking on the copy icon present at system tray.
This application has various advantages over default copy, it provides faster copy with pause option so that a copy operation can be halted at any moment you like. It backups file copy status every 10 seconds so that a copy can be resumed successfully in case of accidental system failures. It provides best copying time calculations than the default copy which gives copy time after a long wait for it to calculate.
Nice copier runs on every version of windows starting from Xp to windows 7. Though it may not provide all functions that teracopy does, but being a freeware it serves its purpose well and efficiently. It is worthy to give a try.
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