Mar 20, 2010

Lock Chrome Browser Tabs with Password and block access

While browsing there are times when we have to leave our computer for few minutes.In the mean time someone else may use your computer for various reasons. You may not want to close your browser as so many pages has to be loaded again. If you are Google Chrome user Chrome lock is a useful extension that will help you.
Once you add this extension, you have to go to configuration button present on the top right hand corner of chrome screen. Then select Extensions and go to Chrome Lock extension. Configure it using a password of your choice and save it. After you are done with these steps you have to restart Chrome once.
Press Ctrl+Shift+L to lock browser window. While this lock is activated you can open new tabs and enter site address  in the address bar to open pages but these pages will be locked i.e. you cannot perform any operation on these pages like clicking on links etc. The only page that will open is the gallery page for Chrome. To unlock press the same key combination and enter the password.
My Verdict: This extension will be particularly helpful when you cannot completely lock windows before leaving your system and want to restrict unauthorized activities on your browser.

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