Feb 10, 2010

Recover Google Account Passwords with GooglePasswordDecryptor

Today Google account is used for so many other things like gmail, Orkut, Picasa, Gtalk etc that you cannot afford to forget account password. If you do so it will be a real bad time, until you remember your security question and other secondary things to get back your account. But doing this will be time taking and can be avoided by using a simple and portable application Google Password Decryptor.
It is an easy to use application with no additional settings. Most of us set applications like Google talk and others to remember their passwords  for quick access next time they log in. These passwords are encrypted and cannot be viewed by general users. This utility works by accessing stored passwords by these applications.

Using Google Password Decryptor

Using this utility is simple, you just have to click on Start Recovery and your job will be done. It can also show saved Google passwords from browsers like Internet explorer and Google Chrome. After viewing the passwords you can either save it as a TEXT or HTML file.
Google password Decryptor can used to get Google passwords from multiple users working in the same Windows user account in which you are logged in. If you want to use for another account, log in into that user account.

My Verdict

The Good
This utility is very helpful to get you the forgotten password without much pain and wasting your time.
The Bad
Getting a chance, you can also use utility on other peoples computer and get their Google username and passwords. But you will never want this to be done to you, hence you have to be careful about letting people use your computer or you can create a separate user account for them.


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