Feb 4, 2010

Nokia X6 16 GB Comes At Affordable Price in 4 Variants

Nokia has announced X6 16 GB. It is a cheaper version of the successful model Nokia X6 32 GB. All the features in this model are same as the previous model Only that it has 32 GB internal memory. This phone will be available in four colour Black, white, pink on white and yellow on white.
There is another feature deducted from this model, it no longer comes with downloadable polyphonic tones. But you can always do this manually with few easy steps. In addition this handset comes bundled with interesting games such as Spore, Asphalt4 and DJ Mix Tour. This has the latest Symbian OS i.e S 60 V5 and will be loaded with OVI Maps.
This is a good step taken by Nokia looking at the demand of X6. The price is reduced to a great extent and is now affordable for general people. X6 32 GB was priced at Rs 31,000 where as this version will cost around Rs 22,000. Availability in India will be in first Quarter of this year, Guessing it to be April.
You can preorder it online also, but price will vary according to the number of days in which you want the delivery. You can visit Nokia online shop to know more about this.
To find out more about the handset and know its specifications, check Nokia Official site.

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