Feb 1, 2010

More Secrets

To speed up your windows or to increase RAM virtually,
Right click on My Computer
>> Properties
>> Advanced
>> Performance - Settings
>> Advanced
>> Virtual Memory - Change

Keep the initial size same as recommended and maximum size double of it then restart your system.
It will improve speed of windows and you can play some games which require higher RAM.

Since the old trick to send friend request then choosing edit to view their email id on friend’s page is not working any more, So here is the new tricks to find email id of any orkut profile. But for this tricks to be you must have Google Talk installed in your computer.
Here is the trick ....
  1. Go to any members profile whose email id you want to find and who is not your friend. (Because you can always view your friends email id by going to friend’s page)
  2. After going to his/her select ignore user option which is on left side below picture.
  3. Now log into Google Talk and go to Settings >> Blocked.
  4. You will get all ignored peoples name and email id there!
  • Run REGEDIT.
  • Find NAMESPACE key in left pane (HKEY_Local_Macine \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Current Version \ Explorer \ Desktop \ Namespace)
  • Expand NAMESPACE (click '+' box)
  • Delete the value RECYCLE BIN in right pane.
Note: Be careful while editing registries it can cause serious damage to your system.

Google Calculator: Just enter the expression in the Google search box and press enter, the next page will show the result of that expression. Try searching for 1542-182*2/5 and see the result.
 Wild card search: When you place a wildcard character * in your query, Google will try to replace that * with the keywords that are relevant to the query. For example try searching for “Google * tricks”.

Fuzzy Search: Fuzzy search is type of search made by fuzzy matching. Google returns the results for even the relevant keywords for your query. For example when you search for ~music player, the Google search also looks for keywords like mp3 music, radio etc.

Number range: If the thing you are searching for has something to do with numbers or number range, then this Google trick is just right for you. If you want to search for a music player having memory between 10 to 30 gb then search for this query “mp3 player 10..30 GB” The results will show you the information about mp3 players having memory between 10 to 30 GB.

Page title search: The page title is the single most part of the page. The title depicts the content. You can search only in page titles using allintitle: before the query. Try searching for “allintitle:tricks”. This query will return all the pages having the tricks keyword n their title.

Many times you face this situation; you want to hide some personal data from the other person using your computer. However most of the person uses any software for that which can be troublesome sometime. So here is the trick to lock any folder in windows without any software.
Suppose you want to lock the folder “hitman” in C: drive.
The path for the folder is C:\games\hitman.
Go to C:\games the create a text file and type command
ren hitman hitman.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}
Now save this text file as hide.bat

Create another text file and type in it
ren hitman.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} hitman
Now save this text file as show.bat

Now you can see 2 batch files “hide” and “show”.
Press “hide” and the folder hitman will change to control panel and you cannot view its contents. Press “show” and you will get back your original folder.
You can move this folder to anywhere on your drives. But make sure you click on “hide” or “show” file when it is placed in C:\games; else it wont work. Always remember the folder is to be locked and "show" and "hide" files should be in same folder at the time of using them, after use you can move it.

Note: To rename your text files as bat files?

Just go to my computer->tools->folder options->go to the view tab.
Now uncheck the 'Hide extensions for known file types' then click apply.
Now rename your text files as bat files.

HoW to Enable hibernation ?Under Windows 98, Me, or 2000 there was an option in the shutdown dialog box to enter the computer into hibernation (where all the content of the RAM is copied to the hard disk). The shutdown dialog box of Windows XP doesn't offer any longer the hibernation button. Some users may get confused about how to enable the hibernation mode. If this mode is supported by your motherboard (ACPI) you have to do the following:

1.Click Start and Shut Down,

2.Point the standby button and maintain the shift key pushed,

3.A new hibernation button appears: click it while still holding the shift key: voila your PC will hibernate.


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