Feb 11, 2010

Delete files & folders showing Could not Find or Access denied message

Its more often when you are confronted with a pop up window saying “Could not find this item” or “Access Denied” while deleting certain folder or files on Hard Disk Drives. It is very annoying but now you can easily deal with such situation and delete or remove those stubborn files and folders safely and easily.

Unlocker is a tiny application which can handle any such file or folder showing
 Access Denied message. It can Delete, Rename or Move such files instantly. Let’s see this in an example: I had a Folder named “Resources..” which I was unable to delete as it was showing 

How to Force Delete Files and Folders showing “Access Denied” Message

1.   Download Unlocker application.

2.Browse and select the folder you want to Delete / Remove / Rename or Move

3.Choose the operation you want to perform on selected File or Folder and Press OK

4.You have successfully deleted File or Folder showing Access Denied Message.

P.S. – This query was raised by one of Blog reader Vivek from Bangalore who wanted to deleted certain Files and Folders with NTFS filetype. You too can suggest a tip or ask a question or query by dropping me an email.


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