Jan 29, 2010

How to remove one operating system from dual boot windows?

You can install two or more operating systems on the same partition or on same hard drive. In such dual operating system is installed on the hardware and when you start your computer it shows a choice between two windows to choose from. For example you can install windows 98 with windows 2000 or Windows XP and also windows XP with Windows vista. You can install both operating systems on the same partition (both on C: drive) or on different partitions (one operating system on C drive and other on D drive). But installing more than one operating system on same drive kill the system performance.

Whether you have installed your both operating systems on C drive or one on C drive and other on D drive, system store the root files of the both operating systems on C drive, so you can delete one any operating system with editing these root files. Sometimes when you install a new operating system the previous one is not deleted and a new one is created than old operating system must be deleted. There is no any direct method to uninstall one operating system; you can do this only with format the partition or delete windows folder after editing the “Boot.ini”


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