Dec 17, 2009

Windows XP Will Not Start

System files may be corrupted.

1. Start the Operating System from the CD-ROM
When the computer starts from the CD, the system checks your hardware and then prompts you to select one of the following options: 

2.To set up Windows XP now, press ENTER. 

3. To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R.
To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3. 

4. Press ENTER. 

5. Press F8 to accept the Licensing Agreement.
A box lists your current Windows XP installation, and then the system prompts you to select one of the following options:

6.To repair the selected Windows XP installation, press R.
To continue installing a fresh copy of Windows XP without repairing, press ESC. 

7. Press R to start the automatic repair process.
Note: After repairing Windows XP, you may need re-download all updates.


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