Dec 23, 2009

Windows Key Shortcuts for Windows 7

For my first official Windows 7 tip I decided to go with everybody's favorite – keyboard shortcuts!

Here are 11 Windows key (pictured below) shortcuts that will start you off on the right foot with Microsoft's new operating system.


Let's take a look!

Win + Up Arrow – Maximize

Win + Down Arrow – Minimize

Win + Left Arrow – Snap to Left

Win + Right Arrow – Snap to Right (see a pattern here?)

Win + Home – Restore or minimize all other windows

Win + T – Press once to focus the first taskbar entry; press again to cycle through taskbar entries

Win + Space Bar (hold) – Peek at the desktop

Win + G – Bring gadgets forward to the top

Win + any number key (1-9) - Open a program on the taskbar. (The number corresponds to the pinned program's location.)

Win + + (plug sign) - Zoom in

Win + - (minus sign) - Zoom Out

This is the start of something beautiful!


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