Dec 28, 2009

Advantages of Computer Certification

Computer certification, (For Example mainly from Cisco CCNA, CCNP,CCSP,CCIE and from Microsoft MCSE, MCSA, MCDBA and many others) indicates that you have completed the steps and have the knowledge required to perform at a specified level as an IT professional.

Certification also proves to your employer and clients that your expertise is confirmed by a recognized industry organization. Today, virtually every technology professional can benefit by pursuing a well-chosen certification. Becoming certified can increase your salary, enhance your skills and make your job more satisfying.
Computer Certification provides:
  • credibility
  • recognition of achievement,
  • quality assurance.
Computer certifications help technology professionals succeed.
  • Employers and recruiters benefit from the wide-spread acceptance of certification credentials:
  • Simplified recruiting and hiring - requiring an appropriate vendor-neutral certification assures a minimum knowledge level in applicants thus gaining higher quality candidates while minimizing the initial applicant screening process.
  • Flexibility - Certified individuals have validated their technical knowledge while not being tied to a particular vendor's products. This means greater flexibility --- a substantial advantage in the fast-changing technology marketplace.
  • Credibility - Certification credentials provide a competitive advantage in highly competitive technology markets. This advantage applies to both the certificate holder and the hiring organization.
Certified individuals benefit from the wide-spread acceptance of certification credentials:
  • Enhanced job opportunities - Because recruiters and hiring organizations employ certification requirements, more opportunities are available to certified individuals.
  • Career enhancement - Surveys consistently show enhanced salary and career advancement opportunities for certified individuals.
  • Recognized proof of professional achievement - Enhanced credibility and a respected credential.
  • Computing Industry Acceptance of Computer Certifications


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