Nov 25, 2009

General Tips

In summary you should look for these things for installing a home network such as Router or access point, Ethernet cables, NIC adapter, Print Server and the technical support from the vendor or a useful website or forum on the internet. Hybrid networks have many advantages and so they are very popular. For example, you can have Ethernet going to a desktop computer and printer in your home office and additionally wireless router or access point for a roaming laptop and desktop computer in your bedroom.
Some cordless phones and the microwave ovens can interfere with a wireless communication. If you have any interference problems then move the access point and router and place them at some different positions.
It is very important that when you setup your router for the first time at your home, change its password because every hacker on the internet can know the default password of a router. Additionally, while making the wireless connectivity you must enalbe the WEP to keep the information private and secure from the hackers.
Additionally, install some anti spyware, good anti virus software on your server and client machines in your computer network and regulary update Windows operating sytem through the Microsoft's website.


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