Nov 25, 2009

Basic Network Troubleshooting

Following is the basic checklist to identify and troubleshoot the basic networking errors.

1. First of all you should learn what stopped working server or client computer also see if the outage affecting the other computers or only one. 
2. If you server stopped working you should inform the users of the server and you should start working on fixing the error. 

3. If a single client computer stopped working or disconnected from the network, ask the user of that computer that what recent changes cause the server to stop working such as newly installed software or games, service pakcs, internet software, new hardware or any other thing.

4. Check the physical network connectivity. The most network problems arise due to the physical layers failure.

5. Check all the network cable connections. You can start at the NIC and check if the green light is blinking then check the hub and see if the computer is getting the link across the cable.

6. Get a cable tester to check the connectivity of the cables.

7. Finally start pinging the network both Windows and Linux have the
PING command. You can use ping command in this way start > Run > cmd > type "ping" then IP address of the other computer.


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