Dec 29, 2009

Remove Windows 7 expiry date, TimerNuke, Watermark, Send Feedback

For all those using Beta release of Windows 7, You may have been using various tricks published on various blogs to accomplish the hack but those who are not so tech savvy or geeky may found this task difficult.
Even if you have genuine activation key, Windows 7 will expire at the end of July or 1st of August 2009. Also, there is desktop watermark on Windows 7 and Send feedback button may also be annoying sometimes. How to get rid of all these things? Don’t worry Windows 7 patch is released will do all these things for you.

Using this 
all in one patch, you can use Windows 7 beta for unlimited time and remove Desktop watermark alongwith the Send Feedback button. It can uninstall TimerNukewhich counts days of Windows 7 use and Feedback link.
You need to be login as Administrator to perform this hack and select the options given on the program. It works on Windows 7 Beta built 7000 32 bit versions only as tested.
Download Windows 7 AIO Hack patch


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